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Andy C's first set at Warning - It was the longest, darkest tunnel we've ever been through...


First Birthday event with V Recordings - Turned out to be a Bristol and London Sound Clash that went down in history!

We put a Land Rover in the middle of The Junction and put the decks in the back of it - Heavy set up but a pain in the arse to get in and out, hence why we don't still do it.

Goldie comes to Warning as a punter and tells us that he wants 'in' and that Warning is now his favourite Jungle rave in the UK.

Judgement night! We booked British Commonwealth Champion Boxer Julius Francis to start the event off and even built a Boxing Ring for the Main Stage. A month later Mike Tyson knocked out Julius in a Las Vegas title fight... oh well.


Warning was the very first promoter in the UK to hold 'label nights'. The first one being True Playaz

Big fall out with Stevie Hyper D.

Our first trip to Germany - 50+ Skinheads running us out of town for being British.

Amsterdam - Fuck knows, can't remember what happened.

A little known D&B outfit from Bristol asked us if they could play - They were called Roni Size Reprazent.


Stevie Hyper D calls us to make a truce which we accepted. 2 days later he dies... we were gutted not to have had him back home on the Warning Stage. Stevie was the original Junglist, R.I.P Stevie.


Warning tours the UK calling at Birmingham, Clacton, Gt Yarmouth, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Liverpool & Slinky in Bournemouth - South Coast didn't know what had hit them...


Warning and One Nation at the Stratford Rex - Biiigggg night!

Warning live on BBC Radio 1 with Fabio & Grooverider from the Matrix Club in Reading.

Slinky invite us back to the Opera House - Barrington and Pete in an inflatable dinghy down the stairs... They didn't invite us back after that for some reason.


2 lads called Chase & Status ask us to play at Warning - we thought, well they have made some good tunes and they seem like sound blokes so we'll give them a chance...

A new 3 man DJ/Producer collective called Pendulum approach us asking to play Warning - we loved their style so we say yes defo.


Warning in Germany - only 6 of us made it and the other 16 of us missed our flights due to crashes on the M11 near Stansted Airport...


Warning does a one off event at the Ministry of Sound in London - turns out to be their busiest Drum & Bass night of the year.


Warning were the first promoters in the world to book BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac. Annie was always supporting D&B on her show and we love that so we decided to invite her to play at the 11th Bday. It was the very first time she had ever played D&B out and she was so nervous but she smashed it. Now she gets booked all over the world to play D&B...remember where you heard her first.


Goldie turned up on crutches and played his set on a chair.


Grooverider is released from a Dubai prison, arrives back in the UK and plays Warning as his very first gig - the biggest roadblock we had ever seen.


Link up with Innovation in Amsterdam for 'In The Dam' - Big big big 3 day historic session.

We get bigger! Warning becomes double in size as we take over the Junction Theatre as well as the live music and club space.


Warning gets obsessed with Projection Mapping for the main stage - we were the first to bring this amazing technology and design into D&B raves.


Ms Dynamite and Tim Westwood play Warning 2nd room....Jeezzzz never seen the place rock so hard.

Warning returns to Mannheim, Germany. Heavy warehouse rave but not so heavy getting stuck on Autobahn, missing flight and being stranded with no way of getting home. Big Up Michael E-Decay for sorting us out....eventually ;)

As well as In The Dam, Innovation invite the Warning crew to join them at Inno In The Sun - oh my days...what happens on tour stays on tour for real, eh FIVEALIVE!


We won a thing... You voted for us and we won 'Best Promoter' at the National Drum & Bass Awards. This was the very first time in nearly 17 years that we were officially acknowledged for what we do. The best thing about it is that it was YOU that made it happen so thank you. It takes over 100 people working flat out to make 1 Warning event happen but it takes all you lot to make each one brilliant!


In 2013 we continued to bring our sell out events to Cambridge, Norwich, Colchester, Holland and even Spain. We also received the Award for ‘Best Club Night’ at the National Drum & Bass Awards held in Birmingham. We held a Warning spin off in Colchester – the very first Ram Records event in Essex... the original home of Ram Records. Another Warning spin off came in the form of Catch A Fire – a night dedicated to the original Jungle Sound that was the building blocks of the very first years of Warning back in 1995.

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